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Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey

Love your brain... Love your sport!

We assist athletes, families, schools, teams, athletic personnel, and health care providers with... Baseline and Concussion Testing, Return-to-Learn/Work/Play Decisions, Treatment of Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms.

Possible Signs and Symptoms of Concussion:
  • Feeling dazed

  • Feeling lightheaded

  • Dizziness

  • Confusion

  • Balance problems

  • Visual problems

  • Difficulty remembering

  • Any loss of Consciousness

  • Not understanding questions

  • Mental or physical slowness

  • Headache

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Fatigue

What To Do If You Suspect Concussion:
  • Immediately remove athlete from the game

  • Have the athlete evaluated by a licensed health care professional with expertise in concussion

  • Provide increased mental and physical rest in the acute period

  • Avoid any contact risk until cleared to return to athletic activity by a licensed health care professional with expertise in concussion

  • Follow any laws in your legal jurisdiction that govern concussion management

  • When in doubt, sit them out!

Tips to Remember:
  • Any signs or symptoms may signal concussion

  • Signs and symptoms may occur long after the impact

  • You don’t have to hit your head to sustain concussion

  • Helmets and mouth gear protect but cannot prevent concussions

  • Neuroimaging (CT/MRI) studies are usually normal

  • Youth athletes require more cautious, conservative care

  • A second hit before healing from the first may cause rare but serious Second Impact Syndrome

  • Immediate rest (not cocoon rest!) helps reduce recovery time followed by paced return to school/work and supervised physical reconditioning as tolerated

Download these Sports Concussion flyers to share important information on preventing and recognizing symptoms of concussion.
Ahead of the Game: 
The Parents' Guide to Y
outh Sports Concussion

 by Rosemarie S. Moser Ph.D.

Ahead of the Game is the first trade book of its kind, and will be eagerly anticipated by parents, coaches, teachers, and health care professionals alike. Ahead of the Game not only covers the nuts and bolts of identification, management, and treatment of concussion in youth—in user-friendly, easy-to-understand language—it will also introduce the reader to a new concept in preventive medicine: Brain Hygiene. Just as our children receive dental hygiene and routine physical exams, there are steps we can take to protect their most vital organ—the brain—before an injury occurs.


Foreword is written by U. S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.

Publication Date: Spring 2012

“This short but powerful look at sports-related concussions in children and teens should be required reading for all parents…” 
Publishers Weekly.

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